About Me

I am currently working as a software engineer at Draftea.

I studied Engineering during my undergrad and have a M.Sc. in Mathematics from PUC Chile. My advisor was Gregorio Moreno.


See My Latest Projects

coupled-stochastic-burgers-eq img

Paper publication of my master thesis

Scaling limit of stationary coupled Sasamoto-Spohn models. Published on Electronic Journal of Probability.

perdidog img

Mobile application to help reunite lost dogs with their owners using image recognition

Frontend done in JavaScript using React Native, backend in Python. Currently in development, working collaboratively with other engineers.

probability img

Probability theory exercises

Compilation of solved exercises of probability theory (in spanish). Created to facilitate the study of future probability theory students at PUC Chile.

discord img

Discord Bot

Bot created to play sounds and queue them, sends images, and plays a greeting sound when someone connects. Used to have fun with my friends. Done in Python using API wrapper. Hosted in heroku.

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